Condition monitoring of machine equipment,
refrigerator etc.

Analyzing Data generated by sensors, early failure can be predicted leading to far-
reaching impacts on the productivity, efficiency and operations of industries.
For Refrigerator, temperature and Moisture data can be
streamed at regular interval of time or whenever the set threshold is crossed.
Analysing Different types of historical and current data reports like stoppage time,
change in temperature, opening of doors etc. will lead to operational costs efficiency.



■Frozen,chilled,Constant temperature warehouse

■Super,Convenience store

■Brewing facility

Asset & Worker Tracking for Industries & Warehouse

At a given location, entire place with a mesh network with fixed COIN units are placed
Which is then connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi gateway. Assets that need to be tracked will be tagged with an additional set of BLE beacon
units enabling accurate real time location tracking. It is also possible to monitor the position and well being of workers.


■Electric power,Chemical,Gas plant,Factory

■High-rise building,Tunnel,Construction site