HACCP and Enviornmental Compliance

IndyGo provides scalable IoT solution with data visualization and analytics for increasing operational
efficiency and industrial compliance management.

HAACP Compliance

Condition Monitoring of Refrigeration and Storage

IndyGo Solution enables real time remote monitoring of temperature sensitive and perishable goods and send the alert through e-mail and SMS in real-time if temperature and humidity goes outside a safe threshold value or in case cooler door is left open. Analyzing Data generated by sensors and historical reports like compressor condition, change in temperature and humidity of storage, opening of doors etc. could lead to far- reaching impacts on the productivity, efficiency and operations of industries.

Production Unit

Storage Facilities

Retail – Super, Stores


Web Control Panel

Temperature threshold graph

Acceleration graph

Real-time Monitoring

Check Temperatures, Relative Humidity, Open-Close of Door,
Condition monitoring of motors, compressors from anywhere, 24/7

Custom Intelligent Alerts

Alert you with notifications

Historical Data and Long term Trends

Track the historical Data to visualize and improve Operation

Save Time and Resources

Reduces or eliminate the time-consuming manual checks

HACCP Compliance Management

Ensures compliance with the latest regulations and standards

Return on Investment

Improve profitability by preventing losses

Environmental Compliance

Monitoring Temperature and Humidity inside the Ceiling

With our remote condition monitoring solution with a mesh network of sensors environmental factors such as changes in relative humidity, dew point condensation temperature in the ceiling could be visualized. Taking effective measures for optimized function of installed dehumidifier and Air Conditioners and using collected data to HAVC controller for energy management better facility management could be done.


Web Control Panel

Humidity graph

Dew point temperature graph

Return on investment

Increase safety, productivity and fed collected data to HVAC control for Energy Management

Historical Data and LongTerm Trends

Save data into cloud for future analysis, track the historical Data to visualize and improve Operation

Custom Solution

IndyGo brings collaboration services to small, medium and large enterprises for customized IoT Solution