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Dx Solution

1.Edge Device Data Management Firmware

IndyGo has developed Application Firmware for Predictive Maintenance using Bluetooth Sensor Mesh Network in particular to monitor the condition of bearing in rotating machine.Information are derived to Track asset performance and alert notification in case of deterioration of performance. Under License company can integrate their own sensor device and gateways or could outsource hardware as OEM/ODM.

Acquisition Data for Condition Analysis

  • Acceleration
  • Velocity
  • Displacement
  • Temperature


  • Industrial Factory
  • Utility Plant
  • Industrial Machine (Motor, Blower, Compressor, CNC Machine etc.)

2. Application Software -Data management Platform

IndyGo has developed Remote Environmental Condition Monitoring platform (SaaS).Under License company can host on its cloud or local server.


  • Data visualization (management)
    possible for each head office and store
  • Send alerts in real time
    (communication to administrator)
  • Provides automatic report creation
    (Excel, CSV)
  • Save storage data for 2 years
    (Compliance management)

Case Study

Refrigeration and Storage Condition
Monitoring of Retail Store

The acquired temperature data for pharma store is collected on Remote Condition Monitoring platform and GUI is tailored to customer requests.


Retail Store


Commercial Building